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Details of the most to be careful of those knowledge
Comform:Dongguan City, Fu Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.    2017-02-10

      At present, many families still use electric water heaters, electric water heaters installed to avoid the need to do security work, in fact, you know? Electric water heater safety and socket has a very big relationship, today Xiaobian to give you talk about the electric water heater plug those things.

      Family indoor wiring should be reliable grounding, and the grounding resistance value of not more than 4Ω. Home socket, whether single-phase or three-phase power supply, the ground must be linked with the power of the ground, the ground socket is not allowed to empty.

      Electric water heater with the socket should be fixed with a dedicated ground socket, can not use mobile power wiring board. Socket structure, capacity and jack size should be matched with the electric water heater power plug. The outlet should be placed above the horizontal position of the water heater outlet, to avoid the risk of short circuit caused by water splashing



      When using the electric water heater, do not turn off the power through the switch on the socket, because the leakage protection plug can not work after turning off the power socket, and can not provide protection in the event of earth fault. If the power cord is damaged, to avoid the danger, you must use a special power cord provided by the manufacturer, by the maintenance department or a similar department of professionals to replace.

      In addition, many people use electric water heater is to save electricity, open the switch off, do not use the water heater for a long time, in order to save energy can cut off the power. As long as the water heater through the national inspection, power switch connected, open a day or two no problem, if more than three days, or even a few months are not, it is best to cut off the power, unplug the plug. If it is frequent with hot water, you can always open, but the best start-up time between the two long points, otherwise the power consumption and hurt the machine.

      The real energy-saving electric water heater does not require frequent power cut off, because the insulation function to power under the power to complete. Frequent power failure will lead to these energy-saving features can not be activated, coupled with frequent unplugging, it will reduce the plug life, and even lead to unnecessary security risks